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Memory Care
Memory Care clowning around
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Lilys Promise
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Memory Care
Lilys Promise Memory Care
Memory Care

What makes us different from the larger Assisted Living Facility?


  • Staff ratio: 2 caregivers take care of a maximum of six residents (during the busiest hours of the day). A third caregiver will focus exclusively on activities. After bedtime we reduce to one staff. Other ALF’s can operate with 8 to 12 residents per staff member.

  • Staffing hours: We operate with 276 caregiver hours per week for our 6 residents even though our license only requires 212 hours. We have chosen to provide the additional hours for the saftey and benefit of our residents.  

  • Consistency in care from familiar faces: Our staff develops more meaningful relationships with the residents. They are also able to get to better understand the residents’ needs and how we can meet their needs effectively.

  • More consistent toileting and night time supervision: We assist residents with toileting every 2 to 3 hours decreasing UTI’s and incontinence.

  • Smaller footprint of building: Advantages are that 1) it is easier to create a secure environment for the residents 2) less stressful stimulus for the resident 3) no long hallways to travel to meals and activities.

  • We are not just home like. We are a REAL home environment in a residential neighborhood.

  • Meals and grocery shopping: All our meals our home cooked, using locally produced                                                                                   meats and vegetables, whenever possible. We use Trader Joe's and Detwiller's to buy                                                                               our groceries, where we have found the quality of the food to be superior to the                                                                                       larger chain grocery stores.

  • Simplicity of flat fee: No “a la carte” pricing of optional services.

  • We are smaller: Smaller management hierarchy make management more accessible                                                                                     with open lines of communication at all times.

  • Catered activities: We cater our activities to each individual’s current and past likes and hobbies. 

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