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How do we differ from a larger assisted living community?

Unlike a larger assisted living, Lily’s Promise is a residential home that has been modified to meet the needs of a person with Alzheimer’s.  It is not a surprise to us that the latest research indicates a person afflicted with the disease will typically fare better in a “home-like environment”. Our size offers numerous benefits: (a) smaller resident to staff ratios which in turn gives our caregivers the time to render more personalized care (b) smaller building footprint to allow our staff to better ensure the security of the residents (c) less overwhelming stimulus which can be stressful to a person with Alzheimer’s


What safety features have been put in place?

While we pride ourselves in a homelike environment, we know safety is important. Our smaller building footprint allows us to be thorough in our efforts to avoid the determined “exit seeker”. Please see our ‘Security’ webpage for details on all our security features 


What are the rooms like at Lily’s Promise?

We have four private bedrooms and one shared suite to give each resident their own personal space. If requested, we can provide furniture. However we encourage residents and families to furnish their bedrooms with personal belongings to make Lily’s Promise even more like home.


What kind of Alzheimer’s/dementia training do our caregivers have?

All our caregivers go through 8 hours of Alzheimer’s/Dementia specific training courses and a yearly 4 hour update class.  We also provide in-service training throughout the year from specific health care professionals. Finally, we seek out staff with years of previous experience caring for Alzheimer’s.


Can Lily’s Promise deal with difficult behaviors like aggression, mood swings, wandering or sundowners?

We understand that there are times during which a resident may exhibit difficult behaviors. Our nurse and administrator keep in constant contact with the resident’s physician to determine if there is a medical reason for the specific unwanted behavior. While there are psychotropic medications that will help, we prefer to leave these as a last alternative. Instead, our staff is trained to use redirection and relaxation techniques. This combined with the extra attention that a resident receives and our smaller, more residential environment  will help in reducing the resident’s frustrations that lead to adverse behavior in the first place.  


Is there a nurse available at all times?

We have a licensed nurse on call 24/7. She can be reached directly by her cell phone. She visits the home numerous times throughout the week to assess residents, audit medication and patient files, and provide supervision to staff.


What additional services are available to our residents?

We have physical, occupational, and speech therapy, visiting physicians, visiting podiatrist, hospice services, and mobile x-ray. Of course you are free to use your own physicians or services, but if you need ours we are here to help.


What activity programs are available?

Activities at Lily’s Promise are developed to meet the needs of each individual resident. Some activities are conducted in groups to provide opportunities for socialization, while others are one on one. Our calendar is created with our residents’ current interests and past hobbies in mind. Our policy is to have an outside guest come in to our home at least twice a week, with activities such as pet therapy, music and art. 

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