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Lily's Promise Locations



Sarasota (Bee Ridge & 75)

1958 Rolling Green Circle

Sarasota FL 34240

Our Rolling Green home is nestled away in a peaceful corner just East of I-75's Bee Ridge Exit in Sarasota. The house is 2360 square feet and has 5 bedrooms and 2 baths. The master is offered as a shared room, for those who want to take advantage of the superior service but do not have the budget to afford one of the private rooms.

Bradenton (Lakewood Ranch)

830 Rosemary Circle

Bradenton FL 34212

Our Rosemary home is a luxurious, 3,000 square foot property, a few miles East of I-75's Rt 64 Exit in Bradenton. The house has 6 private bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths. High ceilings and canned lights in the common areas provide a bright spacious living area. An open concept "T" shaped common area gives the house a unique airy feel. The Master bath features a walk-in oversize shower with entrance from the family room so that all residents can enjoy its use. 


"My husband suffered from Lewy Body Dementia and when I was no longer able to care for him at home, I began the daunting search for an Assisted Living Facility to care for him full time. For the previous year, he attended an adult daycare program at a new ALF. With more than 12 people per caregiver, this was certainly less than ideal and after finding that to be a very common scenario in other facilities I was very relieved to find Lily's Promise. My husband received excellent care with 2 caregivers providing for 6 residents in a homelike setting. Within just a few days, he was settled into his new home and very content. I could rest easier knowing he was receiving the individual attention he needed and deserved. Everyone at Lily's Promise is respectful, kind, caring and compassionate and my family and I will always be grateful for the care provided our loved one." - Cheryl


Lily's Promise is so much more than just a home, it's a dedicated and designed environment that has been developed with a purpose to serve for living better.

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