The decision to move My brother in law to Lily s has been the best we could do for him. We feel the care                                                                 and interaction with caretakers is simply as good as it gets. We are notified on a timely basis of any                                                                           changes made, always able to speak to someone if we have questions. We are very pleased with Lily’s                                                                     Promise - Manfred - Jan. 2016




                                                 When the traditional memory care wing of a nationally franchised assisted living facility could no longer care for                                                    my mom with advanced dementia, Lily’s Promise came to our family’s aid.  Not only does she receive excellent                                                      care 24 hours a day, but the staff treats her like family in a true home environment.  Home cooked meals                                                                around the kitchen table, walks in the sunshine, music therapy… these are only a few examples of the loving                                                          kindness that Mom is shown every day. 

                                                 My family and I would be lost without Patrick, Kyle, Kim and the rest of the dedicated staff.  As the number of                                                        Americans with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias grows each year as the size and proportion of the U.S.                                                  population age 65 and older continues to increase, intimate residences such as Lily’s Promise are not an                                                                alternative; they are becoming a necessity.  -Sandy - June 2015


                                                                  Change from large assisted living to pleasant living....after first 6 weeks...my 97 year old mother                                                                                 adapted extremely well after leaving the large assisted living environment where corporate empires                                                                         are taking over and the care level has fallen even in the best facilities. Caregivers at Lily's Promise are                                                                       extremely positive, helpful, attentive and professional. - Nancy - Feb 2016




My husband suffered from Lewy Body Dementia and when I was no longer able to care for him at home, I began the daunting search for an Assisted Living Facility to care for him full time. For the previous year, he attended an adult daycare program at a new ALF. With more than 12 people per caregiver, this was certainly less than ideal and after finding that to be a very common scenario in other facilities I was very relieved to find Lily's Promise. My husband received excellent care with 2 caregivers providing for 6 residents in a homelike setting. Within just a few days, he was settled into his new home and very content. I could rest easier knowing he was receiving the individual attention he needed and deserved. Everyone at Lily's Promise is respectful, kind, caring and compassionate and my family and I will always be grateful for the care provided our loved one. - Cheryl - Feb 2016



I can't begin to tell you how pleased we have been with the care at Lily's Promise. Kim & crew are promptly attentive to my father-in-law's every need, and he is always treated with love and respect. He is visibly happier living in such a beautifully maintained "real" house, where he enjoys home-cooked meals every day and can relax in a recliner in front of the flat-screen. The nurses even take him for evening walks outside among the gorgeous oak trees-- he loves interacting with the plentiful wildlife in the area. Sitting on a comfortable couch chatting with him about the "old days" are times that we will forever cherish. We are so thankful for all that you are doing for KB. If you are reading this review because you're looking for a place for your loved one, please feel free to contact me-- I'd be glad to tell you in person what a wonderful blessing Lily's Promise has been for our entire family ♥ Sherri - Nov. 2014



Lily's Promise is awesome!. Mom has only been there since the middle of November and has improved so much. Thanks to Patrick and KIm, they encourage and allow the use of holistic treatments and make accommodations to comply with special diets and treatments. They helped to find wonderful doctors who actually come to the house to monitor Mom's care. This is truly a family atmosphere in the setting of an actual house, where the love and care make it a home. The area is beautiful and the wildlife makes it even more special. Mom gets such wonderful attention and care. She isn't just another patient like she would be in a large facility. The staff at Lily's are a true blessing. They are all wonderful and provide Mom with excellent care. - Linda H. - Jan. 2015