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Alzheimers and Dementia Requires Safety & Security

At Lily’s Promise, we take our responsibility towards the safety of our residents very seriously. We realize that one of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia can be exit-seeking behavior.  In addition to trained staff, each of our homes are equipped with several safety features for safety of our residents.


  • Camera system

Each home has cameras both inside and out to enable staff to monitor the activities of our residents at all times. Our staff typically will spend most of their time in the kitchen, dining area or living room. However, there are situations where employees might be tending to residents in their room or bathroom. In this case, a video monitoring pad is available for the staff to carry with them. This will allow them to continue monitoring the common areas of the house. Of course, no cameras are placed in bedrooms or bathrooms.  


  • Security system

Each house has the latest security system technology. All doors and windows have sensors. When a door or window is opened, a panel indicates which exit has been triggered. For example, a digital voice will announce “back door opened”. This allows our staff to vigilantly investigate any unexpected breach, calmy and quickly to keep our residents safe and secure.


  • Secured Exits

All exits are equipped with delayed egress electronic magnetic locks and keypads. This allows controlled entrance and exit with the use of a keypad while keeping residents from wandering.

  • Nightime Monitoring

Motion sensors or bed mats are used to alert nightime staff when a resident wakes up

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